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What is fluted wall?

Feature walls are a great way to emphasize and bring focus onto a wall in an interior space. What was once simply a wall painted with an accent color has now transformed into ways to experiment with materials and textures while creating a style that enhances the overall look of the interior. Today feature walls are seen in residential and commercial spaces alike, from tv wall decor in living rooms to retail display walls in stores. They even make appearances in interior design magazines in featured homes and offices.

Fluted panels give a look of elegance that fits well into different interior styles. The variety of colors and textures available with these panels make it easy to create new looks in feature walls. Fluted panels in Singapore are popular with interior designers for their versatility and ease of installation. A simple fluted wall panel can be used to add focus to a bedroom or to create an interesting living room wall design in a home, or to attract visitors to a reception in a hotel or office space. Fluted panels in Singapore are also often used to create designs on a wall or ceiling by using two or more types of panels. Fluted panels with different spacing and colors can also be used to create simple yet beautiful patterns. For instance, a fluted wall panel in oak finish can be used on the upper half of the wall, with a panel in a plain white or off-white color in the bottom. In a retail store, hotel or an office, the fluted panel can be used to form a continuation from similar designs on a reception or cashier table.

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